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Our 12,000mg Tincture is a sublingual, applied by the dropper full under the tongue where you hold it as long as you are comfortable before swallowing. Because the tissue there is so thin it is the very best way to get the CBD into your bloodstream, into your brain and neurotransmitters and out to your organs. Dosage is dependent on many factors such as, weight, severity of condition, pain level.  Therefore, each person individually must determine what is best for them. It can take up to two hours to reach full impact.  We choose to use the purest form of CBD which is isolates.  There is NO THC in our products.  Many of our clients including Pilots have reported no issues passing mandatory UA's. 

Our clients report getting relief for conditions such as sleep disorders, anything having to do with the need to reduce inflammation in the body, which pretty much covers most medical issues and anxiety. Check out our Comfort Cream if you need help with spot treatments like joint pain. 
When our clients need Tincture for their pets they use the 1,800mg strength. You can use a few drops or up to a dropper full for a larger pooch. It can be given by pushing the dropper between their teeth or in their food. Our clients report their pets who suffer from separation anxiety, general anxiety, allergies, low appetite, soreness and joint pain really respond well to CBD.  We couldn't be happier. 

CBD Isolate Tincture 12,000mg

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