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1,500mg Kelsey's Comfort Cream is silky smooth, completely emollient and smells fabulous!  Use it anywhere you have pain or discomfort.  We make it with fourteen oils and butters from all over the world, plus some other goodies to make it everyone's favorite.  It melts on contact so you don't have to dig into the jar like other creams.  Just drag the back of your fingernail across the cream and apply to the affected area gently.  Wait a few minutes and reapply until the desired effect is reached.  We call this layering.  A little goes a long way, my friends. One of our clients tells me the smell of our Comfort Cream is as close as he will ever get to Heaven.  Another says he and his wife want to eat it with a spoon. We live for this kind of feedback!  If you need help with inflammation throughout the body check out our Tincture.  We've got mg's and prices for everyone's budget!

1,500mg Kelsey's Comfort Cream

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