Feel Better Botanicals
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These supplements are the core of our system.  We know it can be confusing as to what are the actual supplements for human consumption, what do we use for a healthier facial cleansing regime and what is appropriate for our beloved pets, right?  We've broken it down for you in three categories; Supplements, Facial System, and Companion Blend for your beloved pets.
 All of the Supplements work the same.  The only difference is how it is assimilated into your body.  It is all CBD and you can interchange how and when you choose to use them.  The doses in the 300 mg tincture is smaller in doses and in size than the 3600 tincture.  If you have any questions, of course use the CONTACT US page to ask questions or just call us directly.  We have done all the work for you by picking one product of each type, for instance, capsules or tincture.  It is all based on your preferences.  Relax, take your time, take a deep breath and know you will Feel Better soon.