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We weren't put on this earth to suffer!!!

Kelsey Urness

Hemp.  There, I said it.   Hemp, hemp, hemp, hemp, hemp!  You won't go to jail just for saying the name of this incredible plant.  It's been around forever and it is widely used for paper, clothing, protein and lot's and lot's of other uses.  Like CBD.  CBD has helped me with the pain I've had for more than two decades.  Five auto accidents and you begin to realize you've got an angel on your shoulder, am I right?  Anxiety comes from being in pain all of the time and at first it is subtle.  Inflammation is what was causing the pain, anxiety was a result of the pain and lack of sleep and other conditions like fibromyalgia (which showed up after I got rear-ended at 60MPH in front of a hospital while I sat at a red light).  CBD is all natural, organic and it's the first supplement I've ever had serious results with without serious side affects.  It is legal in all fifty states and around the world.  Please, consider that there is something that may help you that you can control without a prescription.  Just sayin'